Ride Definitions

For safety reasons, all rides will have a predetermined route and or
location that will be strictly adhered to.


Trail rides will accommodate riders of all skill levels.
Rides will stay on groomed trails and cover 40 to 70+ miles.


These rides will accommodate riders of all skill levels and will use the groomed trail system to access play areas like meadows & clear cuts for riders in the group wanting to test their off-trail skills.


• These rides are open to all Winter Knights members and their guests that have a desire to learn the basic skills needed to ride off-trail.
• The only requirements for these rides are a modern long-track mountain sled, a good shovel, GMRS 2 way radio and a sense of humor.
• These rides will also be used to evaluate riders wanting to move up to the Mountain 201 rides.


• Mountain 201 rides have been designed to build on skills learned in the Mountain 101 rides. Intermediate off-trail skills are needed to participate in these rides and will be a mix of on and off-trail riding.
• Must have attended one of the Mountain 101 Rides for skills evaluation.
• Portions of these rides will be in treed areas with somewhat technical and challenging terrain and modest side-hilling.
• There will be plenty of chances for attempting steep climbs and descents.
• Avalanche awareness training will be a part of these rides.
• There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn advanced mountain riding skills.
— Mountain 201 Rides must have items:
• Modern long-track mountain sled, backpack with shovel & probe and GMRS radio.
• Approved Beacon: Beacons must be of the newer 3 antenna variety available from any of the beacon manufacturers and must be carried in the manufacturer’s supplied harness. SOS and BCA Tracker 1 type do not qualify.